They may only last for a split-second, but they definitely aren’t all that speedy and easy to film.

The Flash’s Grant Gustin recently explained the process of putting together one of his running shots and according to the actor, it can be fun but quite ‘tedious’.

In the interview Gustin said it’s nothing like shooting a normal scene because there’s a lot of stopping and starting, freezing and analysing.


“It’s very, okay, stop, stop, stop. We have to wait. We have to fix it. We have to freeze. You have to step out of the frame, you have to come back into the frame. And a lot of different elements,” he explained.

He continued, saying green screens are used during the process as well as ‘plate shots’, which requires the other actors to step off-screen and then return.

While he may not be the biggest fan of filming those running scenes, Gustin said he has a lot of fun shooting in front of the green screen, particularly when acting with King shark, “who is a tennis ball on a stick”.


“But it’s fun, because I grew up pretending to be Superman or like playing like cowboys and Indians or whatever and running around playing make believe, and it’s the same thing,” he said.

“Like every time I feel stupid, it’s like this is what I did as a kid and now I’m getting to do it now on a TV show as a superhero.

“So every time I feel silly, it’s like I’m just playing make-believe and it’s fun. It can be tedious, but it’s fun.”

Meanwhile, when asked what superpower he’d like personally, Gustin tossed between having healing abilities, teleportation or super-speed.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 1), The Flash (season 2) and Arrow (season 4) are OUT NOW on Blu-ray and DVD.

Featured image: Katie Yu/The CW

Gustin has had some crazy running scenes as The Flash, which was your favourite?

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