She was the bat-sh#t crazy star of the ‘Skwad’, and now she’s tightening her pigtails and walking away with her bat for a solo gig.

Rumours of a Suicide Squad spinoff for Harley Quinn have been confirmed, with Margot Robbie signing up to not only star in the movie, but help produce it.

While there’s no suggestions that Jared Leto’s Joker will join her in the new project, The Hollywood Reporter, says the movie will likely see the twisted blonde team up with other well-known female characters from the DC Extended Universe.


According to the online news source, the movie is part of Warner Bros.’ commitment for more female-driven projects like next year’s Wonder Woman movie.

If that’s the case, I say high fives all round, keep them coming!

Source: Warner Bros
Source: Warner Bros

No further information about the movie is currently available, but fans have already started speculating as to which other DC characters may join Harley in her solo flick.

Some expect Batgirl to take part in the project after her appearance in Batman: The Killing Joke, while others suggest that maybe Black Canary was killed off in the Arrowverse so she can be used in the DC Extended Universe (that’s our speculation).

And there’s even a few fans hoping Catwoman joins Harley Quinn in the new project. If that’s the case then maybe someone at Warner Bros. might want to give Anne Hathaway a call because she’s keen to get back into the black cat suit.

Featured image: Warner Bros

Which female DC characters would you like to see in the Harley Quinn spinoff movie?

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