Two more Game of Thrones actors have been confirmed for Australia’s first dedicated GoT convention coming to Melbourne in May next year.

Joining the already confirmed Master Sword-Fighter, Syrio Forel aka Miltos Yerolemou, at ThronesCon will be…

…his (alleged) murderer Ser Meryn Trant played by Ian Beattie.


For those mentally running through all the Game of Thrones characters, Ser Meryn Trant was the one who liked to whip young girls because he liked to see them squirm (or he liked the power, maybe both). Until one day he met a young girl who didn’t cringe at the strike of a whip and stood back up after a punch in the gut.

It was this same young, enraged child named Arya who would pluck out his eyeballs (so gross) using a hand knife, shove cloth into his mouth while demand he answer questions before stabbing him to death.


Just in case you want to re-watch the gruesome scene, here it is (warning: it’s quite graphic):

And the third star headed to the Land Down Under is Eugene Simon.

Eugene played Lancel Lannister, the handsome young man bedded by his cousin Cersei and then dumped when her true love (her brother) returns.

Lancel was so devastated by the dismissal (and we assume so disgusting by the incest), that he joined the Faith of the Seven and became (annoying – let’s be honest) Brother Lancel Lannister.


If you’re not all caught up on the show then warning, there’s a spoiler ahead.

Lancel met his maker during that epic season six finale when his psychotic cousin and ex-lover, decided to incinerate practically a town of people using wildfire.

Again, lovely.

There’s at least one more star yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, tickets for ThronesCon are now on sale and vary in pricing depending on the ticket option. Click here for more information.

Featured image: HBO

Of the three stars announced, which are you most excited to see?

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