There are the obvious ‘Easter Eggs’ like Stan Lee’s Marvel cameos, and then there are the more discreet jokes and hints weaved in for the hardcore fans.

X-Men: Apocalypse was jam packed with large and small references, some of which were easily picked up by viewers and others required a bit of research.

GDU teamed up with the guys who handle 20th Century Fox here in Australia, to pick out a few of those Easter Eggs that were so creatively written into the movie, they almost went unnoticed.

So, here they are, nine things you may have missed in X-Men: Apocalypse.


1. The Once & Future King made a second appearance


The Terence Hanbury White novel made its debut in the X-Men movie franchise during the first X-Men movie. Magneto was quietly reading it in his glass enclosure. It then again popped up in Apocalypse, when Professor X is seen reading it to his students.

Just goes to show these frenemies have more in common than just the survival of the mutants.


2. Four Horsemen on the radio & on the bed sheets


The movie was all about Apocalypse’s plans to takeover the world alongside his Four Horsemen, and what better way to emphasise that then by using ‘Four Horsemen’ references throughout the film.

For example, when Apocalypse first meets Angel, the young mutant is listening to “The Four Horsemen” by Metallica and then in Jean Grey’s nightmare scene, her bed sheets feature images that resemble the Four Horsemen.


3. Speaking of Jean Grey…


… did you catch her reference to Dark Phoenix?

After her nightmare/vision she mentions a “dark power”, which may have sounded like she was talking about Apocalypse, but actually she was referring to the darkness inside her.


4. The Blob makes an appearance


It’s hard to miss him, but for those who weren’t watching closely, The Blob made an appearance during Angel’s first fight club scene.

The tubby character is taken out by the winged mutant.


5. As does Caliban


This was a little more discreet because the albino mutant was slightly adjusted in X-Men: Apocalypse to portray a document forger.


6. It was brief, but Lee was there


Sticking to tradition (we won’t talk about how it was broken in the Fantastic Four), Stan Lee made his usual Marvel movie cameo in Apocalypse.

This time he was joined by his wife and they played a terrified, suburban couple.


7. Quicksilver slow-mos are a thing


It took less than two Quicksilver seconds for the audience to fall in love with the metallic speedster.

The character’s slow-mo scene in Days of Future Past was such a hit, it was a no-brainer to make another for Apocalypse.

This time around, the scene was a little more dramatic and a lot more lives were at risk, but the mutant nailed it (minus one Havok).


8. Sentinels in Apocalypse 


They may have been programmed to destroy mutants in Days of Future Past, but towards the end of Apocalypse, the Sentinels re-appeared in the franchise, but this time they’re being used to train the X-Men.


9. And finally, they look just like they do in the comics


When the mutants receive their official uniforms at the end of the film, they looked just like their comic book counterparts. Don’t you think?

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Did you spot any Easter Eggs in X-Men: Apocalypse?

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