It was over four years when she last slipped into the leather suit for The Dark Knight Rises, but Anne Hathaway says she wouldn’t mind playing Catwoman again for a movie spinoff.

While promoting her new sci-fi, action movie, Colossal, Hathaway said in an interview with Variety, that she had “such a blast” playing Selina Kyle aka The Cat the first time around, she wouldn’t mind doing it again.

However, Hathaway admitted now that Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has wrapped up, it might be a little difficult to re-introduce her version of the character.


“I’m not sure how it would work because I think the Chris Nolan chapter of the Batman story has been wrapped up and I’m part of that, but I love the DC Universe and it would be fun to take a trip back,” she said.

Hathaway did say that if someone else were cast to play the character, she’d “accept it” and try to offer the same generosity that was shown to her by previous Catwomen – Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer.

While there’s no word on whether Catwoman will join Ben Affleck in the new Batman movie, Warner Bros. did confirm this week that it had recruited True Blood werewolf, Joe Manganiello, to play Batman’s rival, Deathstroke.

Featured image: Collider

Would you like to see Anne Hathaway reprise the role of Catwoman in the DCEU?

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