We’ve heard him howl in True Blood, own fatherhood in What to Expect When Expecting and woo a whole lot of people in Magic Mike

Now Joe Manganiello is ready to take on the Bat of Gotham.

DC Executive Geoff Johns confirmed that the hunky actor joins the DCEU as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s first solo Batman movie, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Affleck recently teased the popular comic book villain’s arrival on the big screen with an Instagram post of Deathstroke in full costume.

Of course, with his mask on, we couldn’t quite tell it was Manganiello under the suit.

First glimpse of Joe as Deathstroke.

When asked if Deathstroke will make an appearance in next year’s Justice League movie, Geoff declined to comment. My thought – perhaps he’ll appear in an after-movie teaser.

This won’t be Manganiello’s first time on a comic movie set, he played Flash Thompson in 2002’s Spider-Man and 2007’s Spider-Man 3.

The first Affleck Batman movie hasn’t yet received a release date, but is expected to be out in 2018.

As much as we love the latest news, we think Manu Bennett was an incredible Deathstroke in Arrow and hope this casting won’t prevent the Arrowverse from using the character in future episodes.

Featured image: True Blood/HBO

What do you think of Manganiello as Deathstroke?

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