Forget winter, Game of Thrones stars are coming.

Melbourne will host Australia’s first convention dedicated to the TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s books in May next year, when VIP guests from the show travel to the city for the two-day event.

Organisers have already confirmed one guest for the convention, and a little raven told us that a second guest will be unveiled in the coming days (*coughs* tomorrow).

So, who is the first Game of Thrones star confirmed for ‘ThronesCon’?

It’s none other than Miltos Yerolemou.

Poster 2

Take a dragon ride back to season one for a moment… Miltos played Syrio Forel, the master sword-fighter recruited by papa Stark to train his youngest daughter, Arya, in the art of sword fighting.

We didn’t know it then, but Forel helped the young Stark in the initial stages of her journey from feisty, restless child to where we left her in the last episode of season six, which can only be described as a graduate in ‘faceless’ training who abandoned her teachings because she could not be nameless.


Forel was particularly loved among viewers for his no nonsense attitude toward Arya as well as his wisdom and (apparent) sacrifice.

He was so admired by fans that his departure from the show (we didn’t see it, so won’t say ‘death’) was met with some shock and disappointment. Some even hoped he’d return in season six.

But it’s okay, he’s coming to Australia instead.

ThronesCon will be held on 27-28 May 2017 at the Crown Conference Centre.

In addition to celebrity guests, the convention will feature a full program with panels, discussions, Q&A sessions, autograph signings and photograph sessions.

“This event has been years in the making. We are proud to finally be presenting something like this to Australia’s fans, the most passionate and dedicated in the world.”

              – Pete J Smith, ThronesCon Events Director

Tickets for ThronesCon are now on sale and vary in pricing depending on the ticket option. Click here for more information.

Featured image: HBO

Are you excited for Australia’s first dedicated Game of Thrones convention?

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