“The real beauty of this mission isn’t where, but when.”

It’s also the beauty of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and what sets it apart from the rest of the comic shows.

Using Rip Hunter’s Waverider, the team of heroes travel through time, giving viewers a generic rundown of our world history as well as the many highlights in fashion over the years.

From Russian military uniforms to 70s denim jackets, the team sport some pretty wicked period pieces throughout the first season thanks to the Waveriver’s handy costume room – where outfits from any era are fabricated.

These are a few of the outfits that make the Legends the best dressed heroes in the comic TV world:


Denim, denim and denim in the 1970s

Source: TVline.com
Source: TVline.com

The series opens with a trip back to 1975 where both Sara and Jefferson show off that 70s love for dark denim. Jefferson sticks of a simple denim jacket, while Sara goes all out in a denim jumpsuit accessorised with a retro bandana.


As well as 70s glam

Image: TVLine.com
Source: TVLine.com

By episode three, the team are still running around in 1975 but this time they showcase the classier side of the decade in tuxes and glamorous, sweeping gowns.


Russian-style in the 80s

Source: TVline
Source: TVline.com

A decade forward into 1986 and Captain Cold suits up in a handsome, fitted tuxedo while his female companion looks stunning with soft curls, a long, draping red gown accompanied with a fur coat.


Also in Russia…

Source: TVLine.com
Source: TVLine.com

Also in Russia, Leonard Snart crosses over to the other side of the law, in a Soviet military uniform.


Polka dots and fedoras in the 50s

Image: TVLine
Image: TVLine.com

Jumping back three decades to the fabulous 50s, the men continue to keep it formal with grey herringbone suits and matching ties, while Kendra shows off a lovelier side of the era in polka dot dresses, earthy trench coats and cute pumps.


Fashion forward in the future

Source: TVLine.com
Source: TVLine.com

Skipping decades ahead to 2047, Rip illustrates that not much changes when it comes to security personnel clothing, while Snart showcases that advanced smart-glasses and simple, woolen outfits are what’s hot in the future.


Cool cowboys in the 1800s

Source: TVLine.com
Source: TVLine.com

The best outfits in the entire season had to be when the team took the Waveriver back to the wild west in 1871.

The men’s cowbot outfits came complete with cowboy hats, boots, side arms and Ray even managed to score a six-pointed Sheriff’s ‘Star’


And of course, there’s their ‘Legend’ outfits, which are so vastly different that they come together perfectly.

Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season one is out NOW on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia.

Which season one look was your favourite?

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