He’s rude, a little too honest and a complete smart ass.

Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold has irritating qualities for days that viewers quickly fell in love with during season one of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Because behind every sarcastic remark and eye-roll, there was a little comedic relief from the dramatic storyline, a whole lot of love and a lot to learn.

And while we cross our fingers, hoping he returns for the forthcoming second season (although his IMDB says he won’t), here are some of the things he taught us in his own satirical and abrupt way.


1. Never leave a man behind



2. Except when you’ve grown apart

Snart meme 1


3. And even then, try not to burn bridges

Snart meme 12


4. In times of tension, learn to co-operate

Legends of Tomorrow Snart meme


5. And if you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification

Snart meme 9


6. Even if you need to ask twice

Snart meme 10


7. Always know your bearings

Leonard 2


8. You should always find time for the things you like (except maybe not if the thing you like is stealing)

Snart philosophy


9. And we’re glad to learn that ‘peachy’ is still in



10. He taught us to always return things that are lost

grenade meme


11. And always offer to help a friend out

help meme 2


12. While always being a little suspicious of those withholding information

funny memem


13. But mostly we learned to not waste time by always being direct

Cassie meme


14. And to always keep yourself and those around you grounded


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season one is out on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia on Wednesday 31 August.

Images: All images belong to The CW & ScreenCapped.net

What did you learn from Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart during season one of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

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