Freedom! Can you smell the sweet freedom from the unrelenting grip of addictive story lines on threatening text messages, emoji stalkers and a long lost Aunt with not one, but two murderous children?

Pretty Little Liars had a good run but the series is coming to an end with creators confirming season seven will be the show’s last.

We’re torn between crying and hosting a farewell party because while the show was overly addictive we cannot wait to finally know who Uber A is (our imaginary money is on Wren!).


Freeform’s – the US channel airing the show – Executive Vice President of Programming and Development, Karey Burke told Variety that ending the show after the current season was always in the game plan.

“I came in knowing this was the plan, and I’ve been here a little under two years,” she said.

“It’s long been the feeling with the creative forces.”

If you have your hopes set on a movie as a replacement for the eighth season, Burke said that it is definitely not happening and “oh no, this is really the end”.

We can hear a whole state of fans freaking out, but everybody chill. See the positive.

Behind every ending there’s a new beginning and in this case the beginning should be catching up on all those things you’ve abandoned in order to fulfill your weekly PLL craving.

So once you’ve moved past the shock and finished sculling that wine…


…here are 10 things Pretty Little Liars fans can look forward to doing once the show ends:


1. The end of the series means you’ll be able to focus on studies/work on a Tuesday instead of anxiously waiting for that evening’s episode



2. You’ll also be able to catch up on beauty sleep instead of searching and watching EVERY SINGLE PLL fan theory on the world wide web



3. You’ll have time to actually read some of those books mentioned in PLL instead of scanning through Wikipedia for the parts that relate to the show, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Lolita



4. And you’ll be able to listen to music from the series without dissecting the lyrics for their connection to the plot



5. Walking through the toy aisle at Target will be a lot less stressful when you’re not worrying about seeing your doll double



6. And you might actually find time to go out and meet men instead of building on your fictional relationships with Caleb, Toby, Ezra, Jason and Wren.

They've been our boyfriends over the last seven years.
They’ve been our boyfriends over the last seven years.


OH AND NOEL! Oh Noel Kahn how you… never mind



7. Conversations with friends will cover more than just Hanna’s amazing dress-sense



8. Plus you’ll have plenty of time to start and potentially really like another show



9. Of course there’s always time to re-watch the entire series



10. And see if the clues actually fit the A and Uber A puzzle



Yeah… life is going to be pretty boring without Pretty Little Liars.

What are you planning on doing once Pretty Little Liars ends ?

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