Punisher’s solo series could shoot onto Netflix as soon as next year, according to a scheduling update.

The streaming site and Marvel confirmed a spinoff series for the trigger happy vigilante earlier this year, after his highly praised debut on Daredevil season two.

Not much has been revealed about the series since, except that Jon Bernthal will again star as the former marine, Frank Castle.

However, earlier this week, a Netflix scheduling update may have accidentally announced the show’s release for 2017, making it the third Marvel/Netflix debut show for next year along with Iron Fist and The Defenders.

According to the update, the Punisher series will take place after the murder of his family when Frank is being “both haunted and hunted”.

So, pretty much where the character left off in Daredevil.


But don’t get your hopes too high up, the year hasn’t been confirmed by either Marvel or Netflix, so it could just be a placeholder for another show.

In saying that, IMDB has November 2017 down for the release of the first episode.

So… we’ll just have to wait for that confirmation.

Marvel's Luke Cage

In the meantime, there’s only a little over a month left until the first season of Luke Cage is released on Netflix.


Comingsoon.net recently released some new images from the show, which showcase Harlem’s political and underground scenes.

Are you excited for the Punisher spinoff?

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