Now that The CW controls Supergirl, the network has decided to reunite Kara with her speedster friend from an alternate world, The Flash, in a special two-part crossover.

Yay more KarAllen!

But get this, these crossover episodes are going to be unlike any other superhero crossover because they’re going to be… musical episodes.

Ummm what?


According to reports, the two episodes will join another massive crossover event, which we suspect will be the four-episode crossover with the two other Arrowverse shows, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Executive Producer, Greg Berlanti, said characters from Supergirl and The Flash will sing at least two original songs but there’ll also be several preexisting tracks.

We already know the actors behind Kara and Barry have decent pipes due to their appearances in Glee and The Flash’s Joe West gave us a sample of his singing skills while on ‘Earth 2’.

The two unique superhero episodes are expected to air during the “back half of the year”.

Fans have been asking for more KarAllen since Barry’s brief meeting with Kara during Supergirl season one.

Her bubbly attitude, his quirky character and their joint love of food made for one fun and fierce union, which was well received by viewers.

Are you excited for The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover episodes?

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