Pretty well might be an understatement, because Suicide Squad actually broke records during its opening weekend.

A cast of high profile actors, a multi-million dollar budget, creative marketing and explosive trailers paid off for Warner Bros, after its newest comic movie topped Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool for the most lucrative weekend debut.

The villainous flick was expected to make some $145 million to $150 million, but managed to take in around $135.1 million. Although below projections, it was well ahead of Guardian’s $94.3 million and just above Deadpool’s $134.2 million, reported.


In Australia, Suicide Squad pushed past Star Trek, Absolutely Fabulous and Jason Bourne to land the number one spot for the weekend. Around $13.9 million was made locally, above the $13.5 million delivered by Jason Bourne over the same three days.

The movie’s success came despite bad reviews from critics who dubbed it an “overstuffed spectacle” and a “disastrous mess”.

On Rotten Tomatoes the flick received a low 26 percent rating, one percent lower than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which sparked DC fans to start a petition calling for the website’s closure.

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