When videos games are converted to film they generally receive big budgets, incredible effects and they adopt a traditional movie format.

By traditional movie format we mean that ‘players’ lose their first person point of view as well as that feeling of control and complete immersion.

They become a spectator (which FYI isn’t a bad thing because it’s a movie and not a game anymore) in incredible adaptations like Tomb Raider and Warcraft.

But a new movie, Hardcore Henry, was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia last week, and puts its viewers in the driver’s seat.

While they don’t get to control the direction of the story or make decisions for the characters, the sci-fi flick is filmed entirely in ‘gaming mode’.

In other words, the camera acts as the main character aka Henry so it feels like other characters are speaking directly to you (the viewer) and it feels like you’re somewhat in charge.

Harcore Henry 2

Like when he’s holding a gun to someone’s head and tearing into their nostrils with pliers (pictured above), it almost feels like you’re the one doing it.

Or it’s almost like you’re the one trying to bring down a moving helicopter while holding onto a rope or attempting to escape the bad guys by running across a high rise building.

Find out what we mean by checking out this clip from the movie:

In addition to perspective, the plot of the movie is also very gaming.

It’s about a man who wakes up without his memories. A woman claiming to be his wife tells him his name is Henry before she is kidnapped. He sets off on a mission to save the woman from a powerful warlord with an army of mercenaries, and a plan for world domination.

Need more convincing?

The movie is set in Moscow, which of course Henry is unfamiliar with, and everyone wants him dead except for a mysterious British man named Jimmy who claims to be an ally.

Pretty cool!

Check out the full trailer here:

Would you be keen on more movies being filmed in first person?

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