So a few lucky SOBs received an early viewing of DC’s newest movie release, Suicide Squad, and they’ve had a lot to say.

Some of the reviews were… well, let’s say, they weren’t very favourable. The Wrap described it as an “overstuffed spectacle”, while The Nerdist said it was a “narrative chaos” and Screen Junkies declared it “a mess… sometimes an entertaining mess. Sometimes an unbelievably disastrous mess”.

And those were some of the nicer comments.

In some cases the critics were so harsh it actually prompted a few DC fans to start a petition to have review site Rotten Tomatoes shut down.


But don’t worry, it wasn’t all bad!

For all the confused and disappointed reviews, there was an equal amount of enthusiasm for the movie, so-much-so that some even watched it more than once.

So here’s a breakdown of some of the good and bad things people had to say about Suicide Squad โ€“ either way, you can catch us at the movies tomorrow when it’s officially out in Australia.


1. Jay Hernandez was ‘fiya’ as El Diablo , according to Charlie

Just FYI, this makes me so happy. Jay Hernandez is divine.


2. While it was Harley Quinn and Deadshot that stole the show for Jimmy


3. The first 40 minutes were fun and reminiscent of two action blockbusters for Marc


4. But then the tone changed, losing its light and humour


5. Eric thinks his younger-self may have taken to the movie


6. And Titanium loved it enough to watch it THREE TIMES


7. As did Moogly who took the whole family along to the cinemas


8. Harry’s comic-loving heart seems to have broken a little


9. While the Vulture didn’t find it very funny


10. And Mat says it’s not worth busting your bladder over


11. Not sure if ‘jokey, cynical and violent’ is a bad thing…


12. But Devin really liked the cast


13. While Jim, well, he really wasn’t too fond of Cara’s performance


14. Michael is encouraging DC fans to ignore the negativity because it was actually “unreal”


15. And finally, Steven says it’s better than what we’re being lead to believe


16. But at the end of the day, we’d have to agree with ComicBook Now!


17. Because just like Jade, we too love a little garbage

Will you be watching Suicide Squad this weekend?

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