She’s bold, she’s brave, she’s sophisticated, she’s wise and she has some of the best one lines in the series.

Cat Grant (played by Calista Flockhart) may not be the superhero in National City, but she brings a unique, sassy strength to Supergirl that makes her an instant fan favourite.

With the first season now out on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia, we’ve spent the past few days re-watching the series and falling back in love not only with the Woman of Steel, but her boss and the “most powerful woman in National City” who provides emotional, aspirational and (let’s be honest) financial support to the girl in blue and red.

As Lucy Lane put it, she’s a “cool, powerful, kick ass woman”, and she’s freaking hilarious. These are just a few of the best Cat Grant moments from Supergirl season one.

1. Every time she stepped out of the elevator

Cat 1

2. With a hilarious new demand

Cat elevator

3. That time she addressed her staff as ‘relevant people’

Cat relevant people

4. And then dismissed them like this…

Cat get out

5. Poor Winn copped a few nicknames throughout the season, but none more hilarious than this one


6. We loved the creative ways she managed to claim Supergirl as her discovery, like this…

Cat 2

7. And this…

Cat 3

8. And again…

Cat 4

9. Oh, and this…

Cat 5

10. She loooves to name drop… Oprah

Cat Oprah

11. And the Duchess of Cambridge…

Cat Kate

12. She was practically our Queen when she admitted to being turned down by Idris Elba (gurl, at least you tried)

Cat Idris

13. And had us in stitches that time she showed a bit of love for the ‘fishes’

Cat fishes

14. She said what everyone was already thinking about millennials in this scene

Cat millennials

15. And what many of us not-so-secretly hope happens to bigots

Cat bigots

16. She has an incredible way of getting exactly what she wants…

Cat 5

17. And it was like looking in a mirror that time Kara tried to take one of her cupcakes…

Cat cupcake

18. Passive aggressive Cat is a real killer

Cat pissed 3

19. You can practically feel the anger burning beneath the surface

Cat pissed

20. Until she eventually erupts and it’s amazing

Cat pissed 4

21. We loved that time she tried to rename The Flash

Cat The Flash

22. And that time she dreaded the thought of stepping over a shrine for a dead employee

Cat shrine

23. She had our complete attention when she was real about women having it all


24. And we loved it when she was honest about being a parent

Cat mum

25. And how society is often unfair on women

Cat women

26. But most of all, we love every time she stands by Supergirl…

Cat support

Images: All images belong to CBS &

What was your favourite Cat Grant moment from season one?

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