It’s official, Matt Murdoch (and hopefully Foggy and Karen) is returning to Netflix for a third and bloody season of Daredevil.

The announcement was made on Twitter, when Marvel shared a short clip of from the forthcoming series.

In the 28 second snippet, a Hell’s Kitchen subway sign hangs quietly when the underground lights start to flicker and sounds of Daredevil’s billy club in action fill the silence. The clip closes with blood sprayed over the sign, indicating the next installment is going to be bloodier than ever before.

It’s hard to imagine the series getting any darker or deadlier after the destructive debuts of The Punisher, Elektra and the Hand in season two.

Or even after this:


The teaser didn’t say when the third season would premiere, however, we have our bet on late next year following Luke Cage’s first season in November 2016, the arrival of Iron Fist,  Jessica Jones’ second season, and the launch of the Defenders.

WOW, that Netflix and Marvel relationship is really taking off.

The third season could also land after The Punisher’s solo adventure, which was confirmed by Netflix in April this year.

Marvel also didn’t reveal what Daredevil’s adventures would entail, but we’re going to go ahead and assume the Kingpin aka Fisk will be back (how amazing was his return in season two!) as will the Hand.

What do you hope happens in Daredevil season three?

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