Oh San Diego Comic-Con how we wish we were there.

Unfortunately we weren’t so we’ve had to rely on a whole heap of Youtube uploads, official movie and TV social media accounts and few news sources for all the gossip, and boy did A LOT happen this year.

From Marvel revealing the actress behind Captain Marvel to a string of new trailers and a few cancelled shows, here are some of the highlights so far (that we’ve seen, it’s hard to keep up):


1. Surprisingly, Teen Wolf is coming to an end at the end of season six



2. While season eight will be the last for The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries S7


3. Superman’s arrival on Supergirl isn’t going to be as smooth as we’re expecting – read on



4. And we finally found out who the villain in Black Panther will be – read on



5. We got our first Wonder Woman trailer and it’s epic – click to check it out

Wonder Woman feature


6. So was the first King Arthur trailer


7. And the first Legion trailer has us yearning for its release


8. The second Doctor Strange trailer was unveiled


9. Along with this Luke Cage trailer


10. And The Walking Dead season seven trailer


11. Teasers were released for the Justice League… check it out here



12. The Defenders…


13. Iron Fist…


14. The Flash – wow Barry really screwed up by saving his mum –…


15. Arrow…


16. And Legends of Tomorrow


17. Netflix and Marvel confirmed a third season for Daredevil  – read more here

Daredevil feature


18. A Game of Thrones director revealed how the Battle of the Bastards could have gone – read more here

Image: TheObserver.com
Image: TheObserver.com


19. And finally, Marvel confirmed Brie Larson as Captain Marvel – read more here

Brie Larson

Heard or seen anything else from San Diego Comic-Con? Share it with us below!

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