If you’re struggling with only 10 Game of Thrones episodes per year, then you’re going to be in a real state of shock in 2017.

HBO has confirmed that not only will season seven premiere later than usual next year (*gasps*), but it will be THREE EPISODES shorter (*dies*)!

Oh Seven Hells are you f#cking serious?


Instead of the usual 10 episode run, the next season will only have seven, CNET reported,

While it may feel like a bit of a tragedy to lose almost half a season, fans could see this as a positive move because fewer episodes means less time to fluff around with boring characters (although I think they’ve killed a lot of those off already).

Filming for the seventh season is scheduled to begin later this year, with the majority of production taking place in locations across Northern Ireland, Spain and Iceland.

The series will likely pick up where season six left off – Cersei clawing her way to the throne (and breaking her brother’s heart in the process), Jon becoming King of the North and Daenerys finally crossing the sea.

We’ll also have to find out what’s going on with the new ‘Three Eyed Raven’ aka Bran and can’t wait to see who (and how) Arya gets revenge on the next person on her list.

Featured image: HBO

Are you disappointed season seven will only be seven episodes long?

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