We’ve seen what studios can produce with around $250 million on movies like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman, can you imagine what they could deliver with a bigger budget?

You don’t really need to imagine, you could just go watch Avatar, which holds the record for the highest film budget at around $425 million.

But next year the James Cameron-directed film could be bumped down second place by Justice League, which is allegedly going to be “the most expensive film ever made”.

The comment was made by Welsh actor, Julian Lewis Jones during a recent interview with Wales Online, although we’re not sure how serious he was being.

     “I’m not allowed to say yet what part I play but let’s just say I’ve a role in what will likely be the most expensive film ever made,” he said.

Based on Warner Bros’ track record, we suspect the forthcoming comic flick will likely have a hefty price tag thanks to its collection of high profile actors (Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jeremy Irons and more) as well as its various filming locations.

Perhaps it could even top the Dark Knight Rises, which is currently the most expensive comic movie to date ($275 million), followed by Spider-Man 3 ($258 million), according to The Numbers.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cost around $250 million to make and delivered high returns with some $827.7 million earned in the box office.

Surprisingly, the Avengers, only cost around $220 million to produce, but delivered a record of $1.52 billion in the box office, making it the highest grossing comic film.

Featured image: Warner Bros

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the Justice League?

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