Oh, so now we know who the girls were burying in the season seven opening scene…

… and we also now know who killed him.

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, we highly recommend that you revisit this page at another time. If you have then WTF, that was A-mazing!

Ali’s (now ex) husband/torturer, Charlotte’s lover and the man we know as Elliott has departed the show in a rather sudden and ‘eye-opening’ manner. He was run over.


His death came only moments after the ‘liars’ discovered the connection between he and Charlotte as well as his Wilden-methods of convincing Ali she was crazy. It was also only mere seconds after Toby found Elliott actually isn’t Elliott – unless he’s the 60-something year old Elliott Rollins from Scranton who received a moving violation back in 1958.

Hmmm. Wonder who he really is? Maybe he is transgender like Charlotte? Maybe he’s Bethany? Or maybe he’s Wren’s brother (you never know, he could be hiding the English accent)? We’ll have to wait and see.

Will the real Elliott Rollins please stand up.
Will the real Elliott Rollins please stand up.

The more interesting part of his death was seeing his killer. Hanna.

The beautiful blonde joins Aria (remember she killed Shana and never went to prison for it) in the ‘murderer’ category after accidentally running over Elliott.

Aria wasn’t wrong when she said “poor Hanna” is that season seven opening scene, because it seems like Hanna is the only ‘liar’ whose life has gone to complete sh#t since returning to Rosewood.

She dumped her fiance, her high school love is dating her best friend, she lost her job (granted she may be going into business with Lucas but she still lost her job), she was kidnapped, tortured (with tools used on animals – BTW how the hell did Aria know what a cattle prod is?) and now she’s killed an asshole. #WorstMonthEver

Will Hanna ever be the same again?
Will Hanna ever be the same again?

Of course, there was one other fascinating element to his demise – Ali. She (somehow) organised for the girls to receive updates on her location and seemed relatively calm after the accident.

Does anyone else think she deliberately set the girls up to run him over? The way she strutted back to the car was too suss for our liking. We don’t like her.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Aria and Hanna’s visit to Amish-ville. Even in a town with zero fashion, no electronics and complete modesty, they have creepy dolls and children that like to reveal way too much.
  • Toby’s engaged – yay!
  • Caleb really does like Spencer – ew!

Featured image: TV Line

So, who do you think Elliott really is? Do you think Ali set the girls up? And how do you think Hanna will handle the latest hurdle?

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