How would you resurrect a hilarious vampire satire series such as True Blood? By turning it into a musical of course! 

We can see it now. Bill, Eric and Alcide open the show with a tap-dance-off for Sookie’s heart, while Lafayette and Pam steal the second act with a ballad on “Sookie and her precious faerie vagina”.

This was the realest part of the entire show.
This was the realest part of the entire series.

It’s pure genius and it may actually be happening – well, not the scenario above but the True Blood musical.

The cancelled HBO series is believed to be getting a theatrical makeover and is in the early stages of becoming a musical, New York Post reported.

Theatre director Pam MacKinnon, who delivered Clybourne Park, has been linked to the project along with Nathan Barr, the man who scored the TV series.

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

So far, it sounds incredible. We LOVED the music selected throughout the show.

Also believed to be on board for the musical are author, Elizabeth Scott, and the man who created the series, Alan Ball. Ball was the showrunner up until season five. He returned for the final season, but by then too much damage had been done and there was no saving that bloody mess.

Not much else is know about the production except that it would likely be set in the same southern town, Bon Temps, and feature supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, faeries and witches.

We’d watch it, just as long as it has a completely alternate ending to the one we received in the series (like maybe Tara’s mum doesn’t have to be a major part of the play and Alcide doesn’t die).

Featured image: HBO

Would you be up for True Blood the musical?

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