Mary Drake’s visit to the sanitarium during Pretty Little Liars season seven episode two may have been short, but it was quite telling. 

Despite Spencer’s reluctance, Emily convinced Mary Drake to take her to the mental clinic so she could visit Ali after receiving a distress call from her friend the prior evening.

Ali wakes from her drug-induced sleep to find Emily standing over her bed, but of course she’s all hopped up on Elliot’s special concoction so almost everything out her mouth doesn’t make sense.

When she’s talking to Emily she’s forgotten that Radley is now a hip, new hotel and she talks about missing a flight.

But then when Mary Drake steps out of the shadows. Assuming she’s her mother, Ali asks her questions about the night she went missing before moving into Elliot.


“You were wrong about Elliot. That’s not like what you said at all.”


Of course, Elliot cut her off before she could say anything further in front of Emily, but we’re assuming Ali was referring to that time her ‘mum’ visited her in a dream while she was in hospital after ‘falling’ (Elliott pushing her) down the stairs.

Our theory is that it wasn’t a dream, but rather Mary Drake trying to convince Ali to marry Elliot so she could get her money.



Sounding a little motherly there Mary Drake.

During the conversation Ali becomes a little erratic and Mary Drake attempts to calm her with a firm “Alison”. The way she called her by her full name resembled the way Mrs D attempted to calm her daughter in the past.

Also, as far as we’re aware, Ali and Mary Drake have never met – Mary Drake only ever hears people call her by her nickname ‘Ali’, but Alison rolled off her tongue so naturally, like she’s used it several times before.


Why isn’t Mary Drake angry with Ali?

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.21.03 pm

Elliot believes Ali killed Charlotte. That’s why he’s set out to torture her in the worst possible way for the rest of her life. If he believes it, then Mary Drake must too, but why isn’t she angry about it?

Charlotte was her daughter but she seems more interested in the Kurasini money than she is with getting revenge for her daughter’s death.

We want to say that she’s actually Mrs D, but when she tells Elliot that he’s “going too far”, it’s not motherly enough. It just tells us that she’s not as wicked as she seems.


What we think of Mary Drake so far

We don’t think she’s a bad person and we don’t think she’s Ali’s mum pretending to be Mary Drake – although we do think she’s someone’s mum (other than Charlotte).

We think Mary Drake may have disguised herself as her twin in the past. She seems familiar with Ali (even though she hasn’t officially met her as her Aunt yet), she’s driving comfortably around town and even though she tries to hide it, she’s also very comfortable with the other Liars.

Why was she pretending to be Mrs D? We think it might have been to get close to her daughter – Spencer. We read one theory on the tumblr page ‘The Best Pretty Little Liar Theories‘ that does a great job at analysing Spencer and Mary Drake’s relationship. It’s actually an incredible theory. We’d put our money on it.


“There’s this lady that cries all night.”

Taking a step back to Ali’s brief chat with Emily. Not sure what the relevance of the crying lady is, but they wouldn’t have put it in there if it wasn’t important.

Any theories?

Oh another note let’s talk about how stunning Hanna looked in that orange dress. #BodyEnvy

Featured Image: Zap2It/Freeform

So… do you think Mary Drake is evil? What are her intentions? Who do you think AD is? 

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