“Who wants to be King?!”

They’re the words that left us hanging during that Vikings mid-season finale and we’re still chipping away at our nails waiting for answer.

Earlier this year, rumours prepared us for the possibility of Travis Fimmel aka Ragnar’s departure from the series so that he may concentrate on his film career, including a potential sequel to the recently released movie adaptation of Warcraft.

Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, also hinted at the death of Ragnar during an interview with THR, when he said that by the time Ragnar leaves the series, the audience will have his four “young charismatic” sons to follow.

Which brings us to the season four mid-season finale, when we were introduced to four very grown men (plus Bjorn) who not only appear hungry enough to take the throne, but also lead the show.

Of course, there can only be one King of Kattegat, so who is it going to be?

Image: Jonathan Hession/History Channel
Image: Jonathan Hession/History Channel

A popular theory is that his eldest son and the one we’ve grown to love over three-and-a-half seasons will be the successor.

However, during that final episode it was clear Bjorn had bigger plans in his sights – travelling to the ‘mythical’ Mediterranean Sea.

Image: IGN
Image: IGN

There is also Ragnar’s second oldest, Ubbe, who (unlike his younger brothers) has spent a generous amount of time learning and observing his father. But while he may have been a tough child (remember that hunt for Loki – calm down child!), during the 10 minutes we saw him as an adult, he seemed considerably soft compared to his siblings.

Although Hvitserk and Sigurd say they want to kill their father, the pair hesitated when they had the chance. They also come across as too emotionally unstable to replace the mighty Ragnar.

Could Ivar (middle) be the one to replace Ragnar? Image: IGN
Could Ivar (middle) be the one to replace Ragnar? Image: IGN

This leaves us with Ivar, the youngest of Ragnar and Aslaug’s sons who may just be manic enough to replace his father. Ivar clearly had power in his sights during that final scene of season four episode 10, during which Ragnar was practically daring his sons to kill him. He was also the only one to admit to admiring his father’s achievements as a Viking and defending Ragnar’s decision to not return to England after the English destroyed the Viking settlement.

Plus, he’s practically his father’s son with that twisted look in his eye and jittered movements.

We’re putting our money on Ivar.

Featured image: Jonathan Hession/History Channel

Who do you think will takeover the role of King?

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