“Are you serious? It’s Hanna’s life at risk”; “There’s no reason for four of us to trail her”; and *cuts Spencer off* “Okay bye” *hangs up*.

Shut down. Shut down. SHUT DOWN.

Pretty Little Liars returned for its seventh season today with a relatively interesting episode that somehow (as per usual) managed to be all about Ali, even though she was in a drug induced sleep practically the entire 45 minutes.

There were real-life sized creepy dolls, friends trading in one pal for another and even Toby kept us entertained with learnings from his “tactical lock opening course” (I need to know if this is actually a thing).

But the best part of the premiere (for us) was watching Caleb shut down Spencer, not once but three times!


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t dislike Spencer. She was actually our favourite character during the first two seasons (before we realised how much we love Hanna) and we think she has incredible hair (seriously, it sits perfectly).

However, she and Caleb didn’t make any sense last season when Pretty Little Liars was trying hard to make Spaleb (or Cancer) happen, and they certainly don’t make sense now, after Hanna and Caleb’s short reunion during that season six finale.

We’re not the only ones seeing it, Caleb seems to have opened his eyes. FINALLY, bring on the snubbing of Spencer.


We can’t wait for the big bear hug Caleb gives Hanna when Mary Drake pretends she saved the day by innocently dropping a half-dressed and tortured Hanna off at Spencer’s house (this is a GDU prediction – we could be wrong).

Meanwhile, the worst part of the latest episode was watching Emily doubt the viciousness of her former bestie.

For some reason, dearest Emily has forgotten that pre-Charlotte, Ali manipulated people (Mona, Ian and Emily), threatened people (Aria and Toby), took sight from one person (Jenna) out of jealousy and lied (severely) on several occasions (hello, she faked her death for like six years).

She is NOT a good person!

In saying that, we’re not sure she was responsible for Charlotte’s death. We also don’t think the person with the ‘Aussie or English accent’ was Elliott. We think it was either Wren (because he is involved somehow, he has to be!) OR Hanna’s fiance – who we all know he has a really bad Aussie accent.

Featured image: Freeform

What was your favourite part of the season seven premiere? Do you think Ali killed Charlotte?

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