Many a men have stepped into the figure-hugging blue suit and red cape to deliver their own take on the popular comic character.

Each presented a unique performance of the superhero, and that’s exactly what Tyler Hoechlin hopes to do when he takes on the iconic role for Supergirl.

The actor, who was cast as Superman in the CW series late last week, told fans at Supanova in Sydney that he plans on finding how the Man of Steel fits into the TV series and then merging it with the traditions of the character.

“For me it’s about finding what or who he is in the story we’re telling and pulling that from the tradition of Superman as a whole,” he said.


His research will include reading comics he hasn’t yet seen and pulling elements that will “serve our story”.

Tyler said he’s particularly interested in finding who Clark Kent is and how he’ll fit in with the “tone of the show and with Kara”.

“I think that it’s going to be fun trying to figure out how I’m going to portray him this time. Hopefully you guys don’t hate it,” he laughed.

When asked whether he thinks his Teen Wolf character, Derek, would be able to take on the Man of Steel, Tyler gave it a moments thought before admitting that he’d have to “give the edge to Superman”.

Tyler will make his debut as the Superman in October this year during the first two episodes of Supergirl season two.

Featured image: CBS

Are you keen to see Tyler as Superman?

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