If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones season six episode nine then you’d best close this screen. The following will not make any sense until you have.

These are the reactions we at GDU had during the second half of the episode because let’s be honest, the ‘Battle of Bastards’ was pretty freaking boring until Lil Bitch Bolton and Brave Bonehead Snow went head-to-head.

Oh yeah, warning: this piece is riddled with profanity – who didn’t swear during that major fight?


1. Oh Rickon! Poor thing. Wow, he’s a lot taller than I was expecting


2. Awww he’s cute, his hair is so curly… he’s so dead


3. What’s Ramsay doing? He’s f#cking with you Rickon, but seriously run! Go!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.57.01 pm


4. Bow and arrow, Ramsay is such a little bitch


5. No Snow don’t run to him! Listen to Sansa. LISTEN TO SANSA! Don’t do what he expects!


6. SNOW! Don’t be f#cking stupid let him run to you!


7. Don’t run in a straight line Rickon! Criss-cross bro


8. Ramsay is such a… rhymes with runt, hunt, stunt

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.53.51 pm


9. Oh he’s going to make it, he’s going to… nope


10. Rickon was too pretty to make it in this Game of Thrones world


11. Okay Snow go BACK to your guys. Go back. GO BACK. SNOW! Seriously go back!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.53.22 pm


12. Don’t. Don’t Don’t. Don’t Dammit he did! He is so stupid. I can’t


13. F#ck Jon Snow, you actually know nothing


14. Of course you lost your horse, cause you’re stupid Snow, you’re stupid!

Image: HBO


15. Screw this. I’m Team Ramsay. Nobody that stupid deserves to rule the North


16. Wow this fight scene is actually really well orchestrated. Is this all one shot? Remember to go back and check (never went back and checked)


17. Team Ramsay just did a Vikings! So smart – learn something Snow


18. Ummm but is Jon actually going to lose?


19. There’s plenty of room between the rods, but yeah okay stand directly in front of them


20. Giant just step on them… or rip them apart, that works too


21. Snow! Stand up! Get up!


22. Get off him! GET OFF HIM. WTF! You’re trampling your leader dumb asses!


23. Snow came back from the dead only to be trampled to death… nice


24. Deep breaths, inhale and look around because you f#cked everything up… dumbass


25. You know Ramsay is kind of hot, it’s a shame he’s such a little bitch

Image: HBO
Image: HBO


26. Horn! Yes, finally someone to the rescue


27. Oh ew did he just bite his ear off? Incredible


28. *Sees flag* who in seven hells are they?


29. SANSA! Finally the smart Stark with… Baelish… so expected


30. Wow those Knights of the Vale are impressive! Take out those Bolton bitches like dominos


31. Yes, here we go. Bolton vs Snow (although both technically Snows)


32. Uhh did he just. Oh no he didn’t! What a little bitch! Little Bitch Bolton ran away


33. Yeah get him Snow!


34. Yeah okay, keep shooting arrows at the dying giant. Assholes.


35. Snow had the Carrie makeover



36. Aww WTF they couldn’t let him die… RAMSAY!


37. Now one-on-one sounds like a wonderful idea? Such a little bitch


38. Yes, keep walking Snow. Yes. Yes.


39. That’s it, let’s hear that skull break


40. Fine, don’t kill him. Let the dogs have him


41. Oh Sansa our new fave. She can play mind games too asshole.


42. Face first ew… but amazing


43. Ooo she didn’t turn away… YEAH DIE YOU LITTLE BITCH!

Featured image: HBO

What were some of your reactions to the ‘Battle of the Bastards’?

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