For eight seasons Charmed was a well constructed beast with strong characters, creative story lines, addictive drama and intriguing villains.

There isn’t much fans would change about the series, but if you ask Holly Marie Combs (who played Piper) what she’d do differently, she’d request an upgrade to the special effects.

Answering a fan’s question at Supanova in Sydney yesterday, the actress said the special effects department did the best they could considering the technology and budget.

They even came up with creative ways of bringing Leo’s Whitelighter powers to life, including taping little light bulbs to his hands.

Image: Giphy

However, she said she’d like to see how the show would look with modern special effects, and that’s one of the reasons she’s interested in a reboot.

“I would have made us had better special effects,” she said. “But it was the time and the technology. We did our best with the limited budget that we had.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m interested in a reboot, I just want some vindication of today’s special effects. Being able to work with that. I know it sounds ridiculous.”


During the Q&A with co-star Brian Krause (Leo), the pair was asked if they’d be up for a reboot featuring the Charmed Ones’ children. Brian said he wasn’t sure how the series would work without the “powerful” female cast, which he believed to be the reason for the show’s success (cheers to that 🍻).

“In my opinion it was such a success because of Holly, Shannen [Doherty], Alyssa [Milano], Rose [McGowan],” he said. “But when you pass it off to Drew [Fuller] and Wes [Ramsey], you know, I would say you still need the girls to kind of carry the show.”

Holly joked that if the series is picked up with the original cast, that perhaps Piper and Leo could be divorced and she’d have returned to her old flame, Dan.

Featured image: Charmed/Facebook

Are you keen on a Charmed reboot?

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