Long lost Krypton cousins Kara Zor-El and Kal-El will be reunited later this year when Superman finally makes a proper appearance in Supergirl

Fans of the TV series have patiently twiddled their thumbs waiting for more than just messages between the pair and quick glimpses of the Man of Steel and they’re finally getting it.

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin has been cast to play the iconic role of Superman with his first appearance in the series scheduled for episodes one and two of the second season.

The first episode will air in the US in October, and we can’t wait to see the rugged and fit actor sporting the tight blue suit (*drools*) and red boots.

As much as we LOVE Henry Cavill in the movies (and we really do), we’re going fan girl crazy (no seriously, almost squealed at the announcement) over the casting of Superman in Supergirl and here’s why:


1. We’ve waiting long enough to see the Krypton reunion

Photo: CBS


2. And although we want more solo female superhero shows, we really do think the cousins need a fair bit of joint screen time

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS


3. As much as we love Henry Cavill, we’re glad they’re not using him for the show

Batman v Superman 3


4. Because that would be insulting to Grant Gustin who plays the The Flash in the TV series but not in the Justice League movies

The Flash Supergirl


5. And also Cavill’s busy filming schedule would likely limit his appearances in the series

This gif has nothing to do with the point, it’s just so cute I had to share it.


6. Hoechlin is already tight with existing Arrowverse members, including Colton Haynes (thanks to Teen Wolf) who he tweeted the other day


7. And he really does look like Superman



8. Albeit, a slightly Mediterranean version

Picture: Popwrapped.com
Picture: Popwrapped.com


9. Who doesn’t need heat vision because his eyes are already incredibly piercing (although he may need blue contacts)



10. Hoechlin has enough muscles to be able to tear through his own clothing



11. So he’s set for the Superman costume change



12. And of course there’s this…



13. And this…



14. Aaaaaaaaand this…


So thirsty right now.

Are you as excited as we are to see Hoechlin as Superman?

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