“He secured 62 men from a 10 year old.”

Watch your tongue Sansa Stark! She may not be a tween yet and her tiny frame can barely be seen sitting in that giant chair but she’s got enough sass to knock you on your ass.

Game of Thrones surprised viewers during the latest episode ‘The Broken Man’, not with a major fight scene, not with a shock death but with the introduction of a surprisingly bad ass character.

She was on screen for no more than four minutes but the Lady Lyanna of Bear Island had everyone’s jaws hanging low thanks to that sharp tongue and no nonsense attitude. Kind of reminds us of Arya before she ended up in Braavos.

Of course the Internet fell in love with the little pistol, with some dubbing her the best character in the entire series:


And suggest other characters with assets be more like her:


Some have claimed her as a role model:


Because of her potential impact as a strong female


Others recognise her influence over other characters, especially Jon Snow


Some worry about her fate


There are those that think her honesty makes her presidential material


And have likened her to a young Miranda Priestly


But almost everyone agrees that she deserves to be ‘Kween’.

What did you think of the little Lady?

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