Get ready Aussie sci-fi, anime, comic, fantasy, pop culture and gaming fans because convention season is almost here.

No, convention season isn’t actually a thing, but with so many pop culture events around the corner we thought it fitting to give the next few months a nickname.

As well as bringing the coolest kids in town together and giving incredible Cosplayers the chance to showcase their stunning (and pricey) outfits, it’s also a time for hundreds, nay, thousands of fans to meet their favourite actors.

And this year, the likes of Supanova and Oz Comic-Con have gone ALL OUT, booking some incredible talent.

There’s a pretty long list of celebrities, but we’ve culled it down to our personal 10 favourites:

1. Travis Fimmel of Vikings & Warcraft – Sydney & Perth Supanova



2. Holly Marie Combs Shannen Doherty, Brian Krause of Charmed – Sydney & Perth Supanova

Leo Charmed Gif


3. Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf – Sydney & Perth Supanova



4. Arden Cho of Teen Wolf – Melbourne Creatures of the Night



5. Brianna Hildebrand & Stefan Kapicic of Deadpool – Sydney & Perth Supanova



6. John Barrowman of Arrow – Melbourne Oz Comic-Con



7. Eliza Taylor of The 100 – Melbourne Oz Comic-Con



8. Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis – Melbourne Australian Movie & Comic Expo



9. Sarah Douglas of Superman – Melbourne Australian Movie & Comic Expo



10. Lucy Lawless of Xena and Battlestar Galactica – Melbourne Oz Comic-Con


Unfortunately for Sydney and Perth, the gorgeous Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman had to cancel her appearance because it conflicted with her filming schedule – we like to think that she’s filming the Justice League movie so we’re cool with that.

Also, we tried to include guests for Supanova Brisbane and Adelaide in November, but we couldn’t find the list. Sorry guys!

Which celebrity are you most keen to meet and greet at these upcoming conventions?

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