Can you imagine how many people would pay to watch a Marvel and DC crossover movie?

Like a movie that not only features all (or we’ll even take just one) of the Justice League characters and all (again we’re happy to settle for just one here too) of the Avengers.

It would be the comic movie of all comic movies and let’s be honest, it would most definitely top Jurassic World’s record-breaking opening weekend.


Not to mention, it would make SO MANY Marvel and DC fans incredibly happy.

But could it ever actually happen?

Marvel guru Stan Lee was recently asked the question and his answer… probably not.

Speaking at MegaCon this week, the former Marvel President explained that Hollywood politics would block the crossover from ever happening.

“That would be terrific.”

– Stan Lee

“We did a Spider-Man VS Superman comic book years ago… but I don’t think there’d ever be a movie like that.

“But only because of the lawyers and contracts. They’d never figure out who gets what and whose name comes first.

“I don’t think they could ever do it. But if they ever could do it, man I think everybody would want to see that.”

So there would have it. Cue disappointed sighs:


Check out the video below:

If a Marvel and DC crossover did happen, which characters would you like to see in the movie?

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