Anyone else down a couple of fingernails after watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

‘Hold the Door’ – three words that will pull at our heartstrings UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Too dramatic? Sorry, still coming down from that incredibly stressful final 15 minutes of GoT season six episode five ‘The Door’.

The truth about how Hodor became… well, Hodor, was as heartbreaking as it was watching him die to save the person that was responsible for shattering his mind.

Image: HBO

In case you missed it (if you have, you probably shouldn’t be reading this), here’s a quick recap:

Bran uses his Greenseer powers to observe his father as a young boy. Young Hodor is in the background just doing his thing.

In the present, White Walkers are attempting to kill Bran and his party. Hodor goes into a state of panic and Meera urges Bran (while he’s still in the past and she’s in the present) to use his warg powers on Hodor so they can escape.

Image: HBO

They manage to make it out the back exit of the cave and Meera (repeatedly) screams for Hodor to “Hold the door”, so she and Bran can escape.

Meanwhile in the past, Bran somehow warged on young Hodor, creating a link between the two different timelines. Past Hodor hears Meera shouting “hold the door”. He becomes fixated on the words and repeats them over and over again until it eventually sounds like “Hodor” and that becomes the only word in his vocabulary.

Nice going Bran!

So now that you’re all caught up, here at 15 posts that sum up how a fair few GoT fans feel about Hodor and ‘hold the door’:


1. That gorgeous giant hero


2. He should have told them to hold their own door!

Hold the Door


3. Because he could have totally done this

Hold the Door 2


3. And there would be no need to cry over anyone (except Bran’s direwolf – he lost a lot in one episode)


4. This whole thing makes us hate Bran a little


5. And it’s REALLY tainted all doors for us


6. All of them


7. No seriously


8. Sadness aside, he’ll always be remembered


9. For the good


10. and…


11. … the depressing


12. So RIP to our favourite friendly giant


13. We’re truly saddened to see you go


14. Hodor 🚪🚪🚪🚪


Hihi. Is it too soon for jokes?

Seen any great tributes to Hodor? Share them with us below or on Facebook.

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