It’s hard to believe a decade has passed since the manor door closed for the final time, ending an era of sisterhood and demon hunting.

But alas, it is so. This weekend marked ten years since the final episode of Charmed aired on TV.

‘Forever Charmed’ will always be a bitter sweet finale for fans around the world (*coughs* us), because while it gave us a satisfying conclusion to the series – a much sought after ‘normal’ life for the Halliwell (and Matthews) siblings – we’re torn by our selfish desire for more Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo and even Chris (cause how much did we love the ‘future son’ story line in season six). We could also use a little extra Balthazor and Prue too and we wouldn’t mind seeing the grandfather clock break just one more time.

Our obsession for the characters was backed by that weekly injection of drama (thanks to some pretty creative demons, shall never forget Barbas) fused with life lessons only a wicked series like Charmed could provide.

More importantly, as the only fantasy series where the number of females outnumbered the males, it (along with Buffy) played a crucial role in reshaping the role of women in supernatural shows.

Re-watching the series (for the hundredth time, seriously DVDs are so scratched) over the past two days we realised that although it may be ten years since Charmed ended, it is a timeless series with a powerful message that’s still relevant today and here why:


1. They taught us women can and should be in charge


How often do you see female heroes out-rank and out-power the males? There’s an obvious absence of them in the 20th century, because somewhere over the last decade it became somewhat uncool for women to step into kick ass roles without male backing.

I recently read an article about how modern day audiences need to be tricked into watching supernatural movies with leading ladies. Using The Huntsman: Winter’s War as an example, it discussed how hunky males are being used to attract viewers to movies featuring strong women.

While we’re not sure we entirely agree with this (we think the hype around the Wonder Woman movie is enough to prove there’s SOME demand for strong, powerful gals plus Pretty Little Liars is still going strong with four incredible young women at the helm), there is a clear shortage of female heroes – one look at the popular comic genre proves it – it’s one female hero to every three males. Also where’s the solo female Marvel movie already? Oh that’s right Captain Marvel got bumped back for the Ant-Man sequel.


2. And they don’t need to ditch the heels to do it


If you aren’t going to take away the female empowerment then you can definitely get a few fashion tips – wardrobe for Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige was👌.


3. They taught us that life is hard


It may have been a supernatural series but there was nothing fictional about their struggles. It was as real as they come.


4. Hard in romance


Piper and Leo’s on again/off again relationship was the envy of us all, but it also highlighted that there is no fairy-tale ending. A good relationship is built on hard work. And boy, was their relationship rough.

But also, Phoebe’s (borderline psychotic) search for Mr Right taught us that patience is key, while Paige’s independence reassured us that it’s okay to be single.


5. Hard in work


Remember when P3 was struggling and Piper decided to remodel it and rename it to boost business? Or remember when she busted Phoebe and Paige at a competitor’s club while she was searching for the next hot DJ? Nothing came easy to these girls, especially not their careers (although to be honest, if we were Elise we would have fired Phoebe on several occasions).


6. Hard in child care


Generally on TV shows when a leading character has a baby it tends to disappear and you sit there wondering, ‘ummm where’s the baby this episode’?

Charmed never shied away from emphasising the struggles of being a mum, a wife, a sister and a full-time worker. #Real


7. And especially hard in death


We still can’t watch the scene above without breaking down.


8. The Charmed Ones drilled us with the importance of family


The Power of Three will set you free, because together you’re always stronger.


9. While also teaching us to separate our emotions from the bigger picture


So would you choose to save a sister or people in a burning building?


10. And finally, they taught us that bad things are always going to happen in life


But it doesn’t matter what you’re battling, with the right people around you, you can get through it.


One more. They were and continue to be the cause of many in-friendship fights over who is who


My cousin, we’ll call her T, likes to think she’s Piper because she got married first, cooks and is having a baby, but honestly, she’s Phoebe and I’m Piper – #JustSayingT. S you may continue to be Paige.


And just for kicks – we’ll also forever be grateful for delivering the cuties


Leo, Chris, Cole, Andy (oh Andy!), Darryl (love!), Dan (gorgeous), Wyatt (older Wyatt of course), Kyle, Jason Dean, and the list goes on.

So thank you to everyone behind Charmed! The series is genius and still resonates today. And please no remake without the original cast – thanks and goodbye.

What did you love about Charmed?

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