It’s a good week to be a Trekkie! The second trailer for Beyond was uploaded to YouTube today, two days after a teaser was released for the new Star Trek series.

The two and a half minute preview is packed with action and speed – exactly what you’d expect from a movie directed by Justin Lin, the same guy who delivered The Fast and the Furious (anyone else hear the sound of speeding cars at 1.02).

Aside from the obvious – crew taken hostage and Kirk struggling with self doubt – the clip shows the precious Enterprise being torn apart by a bombardment of alien ships, forcing the team to ‘abandon ship’.

CAN’T WAIT to see that part in the movie!

Star Trek

Side note, what’s with Kirk’s hair? #TimeForAHairCut

Check out the full clip below:

Star Trek: Beyond is scheduled for release in Australian cinemas on 22 July.

Are you ready to watch Star Trek: Beyond?

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