We’re not patient enough to wait for a full trailer, so CBS decided to release a little teaser trailer to keep Star Trek fans happy.

The 50 second clip for the network’s upcoming Star Trek series, announced in November last year, was released today and has already had an incredible 570,000 views.

We think the network has a hit show on its hands (uhh yeah).

In addition to building hype for the “new adventure”, the clip promised a whole new direction for the show with “new crews, new villains, new heroes and new worlds”.

But that’s not all, the clip also unveiled a new logo. Putting a modern twist on the familiar shape, the logo is a mix of bronze, black and gold, giving it a very tribal vibe. It’s also split, with the right arch separated from the centre and the left.

The series is scheduled to air from 2017 and has Bryan Fuller on board as executive producer/show runner, Alex Kurtzman as executive producer and Nicholas Meyer as writer and consulting producer.

Production on the new Star Trek series will begin later this year in Toronto, Canada.

What do you think of the new logo?

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