As the mid-way point of the season creeps closer, the story line is becoming increasingly delicious and characters are pulling some big punches to stay ahead in the Game of Thrones

The latest episode titled ‘Book of the Stranger’ may not have had Queens flying on dragons or anyone walking naked through the streets, but it was flooded with some impressive moments and lines… especially from the females (#GurlPower).

In fact, a fair few times throughout the episode our face looked like this:


Here were our six top bad ass moments from Game of Thrones season six episode four.


1. “You rule the Iron Islands. Let me help”

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

There isn’t a better example of character development than Theon. He went from a Stark assistant to arrogant ass to Reek to a hero to a decent brother.


2. “You don’t like Margaery do you?”


It doesn’t sound like much on its own and Tommen didn’t exactly say it in a commanding way, but the young King is finally stepping into his own and it all started with this statement (plus those secret meetings he’s having with the Small Council).


3. “We make peace with our enemies, not our friends.”


It wouldn’t have been easy saying it, but it was pretty powerful seeing Missandei accept that the slaves need to learn to work with their masters for a better future.


4. Awkward eye flirting


Oh em gee! This might be the best couple in the entire series.


5. “A monster has taken our home and our brother. We have to go back and save them both”

Game of Thrones

If you told us in season two that Sansa would end up being our favourite characters, we’d have laughed. The former spoiled brat is braver than ever and she’s finally saying all the right things.

Also, her and Jon’s reunion! *Wipes away tears of joy*.


6. “None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am. So I will.”



Did anything from the latest episode stand out for you?

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