We were so close. So close to solving one of the biggest Game of Thrones mysteries…

Who are the real parents of Jon Snow?

Ned Stark may have raised him like one of his own and Catelyn Stark may have detested him for being a constant reminder of her husband’s infidelity, but we think it’s safe to say Ned is NOT Snow’s father. And his mother? NOT some random one nighter.

No, in fact it’s been a long running theory among fans that while Ned may not be the baby daddy, he may very well be the baby Uncle of a half dragon.

And we were like THIIISSSS close to having it confirmed during the latest episode ‘Oathbreaker’.


Let’s rewind.

Bran is well and truly back this season after skipping the entire fifth series.

As part of his current ‘journey’ on the show, he’s working with the Three Eyed Raven to discover secrets of the past. The secrets involve travelling back in time and watching a younger Ned Stark.

The prior episode, Bran (and we) saw Ned as a younger boy shooting bows with his brother when his sister, Lyanna Stark rides in with a horse. Up until then we’d only been introduced to her character by name and by grave stone.


Jump to the latest episode when Ned is a little older and fighting against Targaryen soldiers outside the Tower of Joy

After defeating (barely) one of the strongest swordsmen he’d ever encountered, Ned follows the sound of woman’s (or was it a baby?) cries coming from the tall, spiral structure.

Bran attempts to run after his father until the Three Eyed Raven drags him out of the flashback and into the cave.



So what was going on in the Rapunzel-looking tower?

Well, fans (us) have speculated that Ned was about to find a nearly dead Lyanna having just given birth to Jon Snow, the son she’d conceived with Rhaegar Targaryen (the son of the Mad King).

People believe the two were in love, despite Rhaeger’s existing marriage and Lyanna’s arranged union with Robert Baratheon.

Rhaeger hid her away in the Tower for her safety and when Ned finally discovers her location he promises to hide her son’s real identity and raise him as his own.

Of course this is all speculation, but if it’s true then this means Jon really is half dragon and perhaps he’ll have the ability to control those three dragons Daenerys is currently struggling to tame.

So who do you think was inside the Tower?

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