‘She looks good for her age’ – that’s a complete understatement if we’re talking about The Red Witch in Game of Thrones.

Forget Botox, facelifts or moisturises, someone get us the number for Lady Melisandre!

The Red Witch definitely knows the secret to staying young, because she’s kind of old, like well over 100s of years old.

You wouldn’t suspect it with her gorgeous long red locks, fit physique and perky breasts (they’re always out, how could we not mention them). But it turns out she’s not only good at handling fire and convincing men to kill their daughters, she’s also mastered illusion.

Game of Thrones

In the closing scene of the season six premiere, titled ‘The Red Woman‘, we see the seemingly 40-year-old character drop her magical disguise to reveal a much older identity.

The ending left us with two thoughts.

1. How at her age does she have the libido to have as much sex as she does – you go gurl!

2. What does this mean for the magical direction of the series? We know Bran will return with his powers, Arya’s on her own magical path and it’s only a matter of time before we see those dragons again.

Also can’t wait to see what role she’ll play in bringing Jon Snow back from the dead – it’s not confirmed but come on, it’s got to happen.

On another note, the series return was surprisingly predictable with Brienne of Tarth saving Sansa – totally saw it coming – and we kind of expected Arya’s training to continue despite the blindness.

However, there were a few smaller unexpected moments this episode like:


When Ramsay fed the woman he loved (does he have a heart?) to the hounds

Ramsay Game of Thrones


And when Theon stepped in to save Sansa… again



We were pretty surprised Sansa didn’t take off her cape before stepping into icy water



And we were not expecting THAT to happen to the King of Dorne



Or to his son



That random Arya beating had us all like… :O



But of course nothing beats that Red Witch reveal


How do you think Lady Melisandre’s real age will affect the series?


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