While we eagerly await the release of Captain America: Civil War, a few lucky journalists were given an exclusive early preview of the flick this week and their reactions are everything you’d hoped for.

“Incredible character work”, “cinematic joy” and “better Avengers movie than the last Avengers movie” were just some of the sentences used to described the biggest superhero movie of the year (one of the biggest, we can’t forget Batman v Superman).

Critics who saw the Capt and Tony Stark go head-to-head a few weeks before the rest of us had nothing but positive things to say about the fight scenes, the characters and the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

Review, Germaine Lussier, said Holland had him smiling so much that his “face hurt”:

Civil War review

He also summed the movie up as a “complex mystery” with “lots of themes and emotions”.

Civil War review 2

Then there was reviewer, nived, who dubbed Holland as the “perfect Spider-Man” and the “greatest Peter Parker” before praising the Black Panther character for being “incredible”.

Captain America review 3

He may be small, but apparently Ant-Man‘s role in the new Marvel flick is bigger than expected, with Mike Sampson saying he stole the show after Spider-Man.

Civil War review 4

Characters aside, the movie’s action scenes were among the best some of these reviewers have ever seen. That was certainly the case for Jon Schnepp who said the movie has the “best action sequences in any superhero film EVER!” 

Civil War review 5

Mike Ryan concurred, saying the fight scenes were a “joy” to watch before claiming Civil War is officially his “favourite Marvel move”.

Civil War review 6

The praise kept coming…

Civil War review 7

Civil War review 8

Civil War review 9

Civil War review 10

And now we’re a little like…

Chris Evans gif

Will you be watching Captain America: Civil War?

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