It’s only a matter of time until Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock join forces with Luke Cage and Danny Rand to form The Defenders.

But the big question is: how will the pair meet? Or what will bring them together?

We’re now two seasons into Daredevil and Matt is still unaware of Jessica Jones’ existence and she his.

Aside from sharing a city, so far the only connection between the two vigilantes is the Night Nurse aka Claire Temple. She’s the only character to have appeared in both seasons of Daredevil and the first season of Jessica Jones. She’s met Jessica, Matt and Luke plus she’s cared for them.


Without mentioning any names, she referenced her friendship to Daredevil in Jessica Jones and then discussed Luke Cage during a conversation with Foggy in the third episode of Daredevil season two. Referring to that time she helped Jessica Jones sneak Luke Cage out of the hospital, she said:

“I’ve got this shift from hell because I helped another friend trying to do good. A big guy, stronger than our friend, yet I’m the one who got the shaft.”

– Night Nurse

While she’s been the main suspect for their union for some time, the latest season of Daredevil has introduced a new connection between the pair – Foggy aka Matt’s BFF.

After deciding to walk away from their law firm, Nelson and Murdock, Foggy accepted a role at Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, the same law firm that featured in Jessica Jones.


Jeryn Hogarth – the lawyer that sided with Kilgrave for a short period – offered Foggy a position at the firm, saying his services would be of use in the “riskier, non-traditional cases” or in other words, she needs him to handle the vigilantes.

He accepted the positive, giving Daredevil a second connection to Jones. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Foggy is the reason they meet. We suspect he’ll make an appearance in the female vigilante’s second season.

Do you think Foggy will be what connects Matt to Jessica?

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