Saviors killed in their sleep, an entire family eaten by walkers, a leader brought to her knees and let’s not forget that epic bulls-eye shot during Denise’s motivational speech last week.

It’s true, there’s been no shortage of death this season on The Walking Dead and we’re completely expecting to add on to the growing pile of bodies in the coming episode.

However, up until now most of the deceased were insignificant to the overall series and haven’t really been missed by the masses.

But did that just change?

In the latest episode everyone’s favourite bow-wielding red neck, Daryl, was seemingly shot and his blood splattered all over the screen – that’s the second time this season they’ve used that effect.

It’s unclear whether that gorgeous pain the ass who just couldn’t wait another day for vengeance is still alive or dead, with writers making us wait at least another week before revealing his fate.

In the meantime, fans are hoping this is another ‘gotchya moment’ – an orchestrated fake death, just like they did with Glenn.

At GDU we think Daryl is definitely still alive albeit in a bit of trouble and possibly even a little injured. Here’s why:


1. “You’ll be alright”

The Walking Dead Daryl

That’s what Dwight said after pulling the trigger. Would you say that to someone after a kill shot? No, but maybe you’d say it to someone you wanted out of commission long enough to tie them up and get all the information you need to invade their home.


2. Norman Reedus will appear in next week’s episode

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.00.35 pm

According to his IMDB profile, Norman Reedus will be in The Walking Dead season six episode 16 – we highly doubt it’ll be in the form of a corpse.


3. The aim

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.31.31 pm

While initially Dwight was aiming at Daryl’s head, the Alexandrian turned around to look at his nemesis before the trigger was pulled – he was likely shot in the shoulder.


4. It’s Daryl

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

He’s not going to go down that easily – his death is going to be epic #JustSaying


SIDE NOTE: Is Maggie losing her baby or is it coming early? Feel like she may be losing it.

Do you think Daryl is still alive?

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