They’re the little jokes and hints writers creatively weave into movies to humour fans or offer a little future insight. 

In a single comic movie, there could be dozens of large and small Easter Eggs.

Every Easter Egg is exciting in its own way, but on this 2016 Easter Day we’ve culled the list down (it was so hard BTW) to our top 10 favourite Easter Eggs from recent DC and Marvel (we’re only going back a few years) movies.


1. The spidey hint in Ant-Man


It was one of the more obvious Easter Eggs in the movie, but also the most exciting.

At the time of its release, it was pretty clear there’d be another Spider-Man movie, but his connection to The Avengers and the rest of the MCU was still a big question mark. That is, until a journalist tells The Falcon that she has access to all kinds of superheroes including “a guy who can jump. A guy who can swing. A guy who can crawl up walls”. Sound familiar?


2. The ‘Lex Luthor is coming’ van in Man of Steel


It was only brief but a Lex Luthor van was kicked towards Superman during one of the movie’s major on-ground fight sequences. The Man of the Steel swiftly avoids the ‘Lex Luthor Corp’ vehicle and lets it crash into the building behind him, resulting in a major explosion.

The small hint was clearly a reference to his recent unforgettable entrance into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


3. That f#cking hilarious opening sequence in Deadpool


It’s not only one of the most creative opening sequences we’ve ever seen in a comic film, it was also one of the funniest and one of the most revealing because it was jam packed with Easter Eggs.

You probably spotted them all but there was the Green Lantern collectors card – a throwback to Ryan Reynold’s superhero roots; Doctor Killebrew on the phone; a sex keychain; Ryan Reynolds magazine cover; Hello Kitty; and an Orange Number 5 card – where parts of the movie was filmed.


4. Batman is also coming in Man of Steel


It was quick, but it was there. A ‘Wayne Enterprises’ logo appears in Man of Steel on a satellite positioned around Earth. The satellite was quickly smashed into pieces, but fans didn’t miss the livery.

We now know that the small hint was in reference to the recent union of the two heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


5. The Avengers headquarters in The Avengers


The Avengers headquarters may have made its debut towards the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and briefly appeared in Ant-Man, but it seems as though Tony Stark may have been cooking up plans for the building since the first Avengers movie.

Stark and Pepper Potts are seen inspecting plans for what we assume was the next Stark Tower, but if you look closely, each room has an Avengers symbol.


6. One more ‘coming’ in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman

In his first meeting with Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne tells the reporter that Gotham has “a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns” aka The Joker.

We’re not sure if the reference means the criminal mastermind will appear in a future Batman movie or if it’s associated to the character’s appearance in the forthcoming flick, Suicide Squad.


7. StarLord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy

Image: Neodraykl/Reddit
Image: Neodraykl/Reddit

It’s the Galaxy’s biggest mystery, but according to the movie’s Director, we’ve already seen StarLord’s father.

But who?

Reddit user, Neodrayki, says it may be Mar-Vell aka Captain Marvel who comes from Kree – people who were referred to as ‘angels’, the word used by StarLord’s mum to describe his father before she passed away.

Then there’s the holographic image above which appeared in the movie and clearly looks like Mar-Vell.


8. Not one, but two visits from The Flash in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman weren’t the only members of the Justice League to appear in the new DC flick.

Details of Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash’s existence were stored away in Lex Luthor’s files. While we were only give glimpses of Aquaman and Cyborg, we actually received two tastes of The Flash.

Aside from a recording of The Flash ‘speedily’ assisting in a service station robbery, the speedster uses his speed force to visit Wayne (maybe he ‘ran’ in from the future) to tell him that Lois Lane is “the key” and that he’s “right about him” before disappearing.


9. Bucky as Captain America in Captain America: Winter Soldier

Bucky Captain America

It was only quick, but the Capt.’s best friend picks up the iconic Captain America shield and comfortably rests it alongside his body in the second Captain America movie.

This was either a nod to his role as Captain America in the comics or a hint at his future role in the movies.

Rumour has it that Captain America may meet his maker (not Dr. Abraham Erskine, the other maker) in Captain America: Civil War and Bucky is one of three people that could be replacing him.


*SPOILER* – don’t read the below if you haven’t watched Batman v Superman yet.

10. Robin’s fate in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


If you were secretly hoping Robin would return to assist Ben Affleck in the new movies, then we’re sorry to say – it’s not gonna happen.

Why? Well it appears that the young accomplice may have been killed by the Joker.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman aka Ben Affleck walks past a display of Robin’s suit with the words “Haha jokes on you Batman” written across it.

What are some of your favourite DC and Marvel Easter Eggs?

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