The season six finale of Pretty Little Liars gave off major season one vibes, by bringing back some of that good old spook factor.

No seriously, the ‘rotting’ version of Mrs DiLaurentis had us all like:


If you haven’t watched the latest episode then STOP READING NOW! Do not ruin it for yourself, this was one of the best episodes in the series since the ‘Dollhouse’.

But for those that are all caught up, let’s talk about THAT twin.

Okay yes, it was totally predictable. Jessica DiLaurentis had a twin. And yes, it was also pretty easy to see that Elliot aka Ali’s husband was completely untrustworthy.

But did anyone actually guess that he was in love with Charlotte aka Cece aka Charles? Or that Charlotte knew she was adopted by Jessica? OR that perhaps this whole time she was working with her real mother to bring Ali’s family down?

We finally know where Cece got the surname ‘Drake’ from, her beloved mother Mary Drake, who it seems she may have met and spent a fair bit of time with in Radley.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.55.34 pm

Although the root of their reunion wasn’t explained, it was pretty clear that Cece was still working against Ali and the girls when Mary said this:

“We’ve finally taken back what was suppose to be mine, and that’s what our Charlotte would have wanted.”

If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, let’s talk about how Elliot was pushing Ali over the edge (literally) so that she’d marry him, sign over her legacy and eventually check herself into a rehab centre.

“I would have done anything for Charlotte,” he said to his wife’s anonymous Aunty.

“Elliott you proved that when you married her cousin,” she said in response.


Now onto what everyone REALLY wants to talk about… WTF happened with Hanna?

After sharing a highly demanded (no seriously, Haleb fans unite!) kiss with Caleb, the blonde (and best) Liar was snatched and allegedly killed.

A text was then sent to the girls saying:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.33.27 pm

A.D.??? A.D??? What does it stand for? After death.

OR whose initials are A.D.? Perhaps, Andrew Drake? Remember Andrew Campbell? There’s a pretty great theory on Reddit that Andrew may have been adopted by the Campbells and he isn’t too happy with Mary and Elliot for using Cece as pawn in their attempt at bringing down the DiLaurentis family. Read more about the theory here.

Cue Hanna being dragged through the same church Ian was found hanging and Charlotte was found dead (also the same church Ali apparently feels safe hiding in).

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.35.27 pm

Anyone else highly doubt Hanna is dead? Or really hoping she’s alive? I mean, what’s Pretty Little Liars without Hanna?

So we’ve crossed off one twin, one betrayal, an alleged death and one reunited couple (Hanna and Caleb’s brief kiss), now it’s time for the other reunion – Aria and Ezra.

Their hook up was another predictable but VERY welcomed part of the episode.


Now with a few loose ends up tied up, a great season finale cliff hanger and some of our favourite couples back together, what we really want to know is…

Who really killed Charlotte?

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