Kill them before they kill us, he said. It will ensure the future and safety of Alexandria, he stressed.

The line between good and bad was so blurred in the latest installment of The Walking Dead, it was almost impossible to distinguish our favourite survivors from cold hard killers.

Fittingly titled ‘The Same Boat’, the episode pushes past Rick’s precautionary propaganda to de-villainies the Saviors and emphasis the brutal and irreversible actions of the team.

This is done by answering the big question – is Rick’s group that different from the community they sought to extinguish?

The whole reason behind the raid against the Saviors was because they were dubbed as the ‘bad guys’.


They were the ones who attempted to steal from Daryl, Abraham and Sasha; and they apparently killed a young man in order to control a helpless community.

But were their actions as bad as practically wiping out a community of people… while they were sleeping?

If that wasn’t enough, the latest episode saw Carol and Maggie take down the last remaining members of the Saviors, while Rick shoots one blank in the head after he refuses to cooperate.


It’s true what Paula scoffed at Carol after seeing her community brought down, “You’re not the good guys. You should know that”. And I think she does.

Now that the barbaric nature of the Alexandrians is in the forefront, will they become the new Saviors? Will rumours of the mass murdering community spread to other survivors?

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. On another note, perhaps they do need to take a few lessons from Morgan on remaining passive and only defend when necessary.

Oh and BTW, how adorable was Daryl hugging Carol?! Love some Darol.

What do you think will happen to the crew now that they’re the bad guys?

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