The Vampire Diaries has pulled a Charmed and survived despite the departure of a main character.

The series was one of 11 on the CW network to be renewed this week, bringing the supernatural show up to eight seasons, Deadline reported.

It’s big news for the show’s cast and crew, who have had the tough task of keeping fans engaged and entertained after the departure of leading actress, Nina Dobrev.


So far, for most of the seventh season The Vampire Diaries has jumped between two different timelines as Stefan tries to outrun Rayna Cruz – the vampire hunter – and Damon attempts (not really) to continue living without Elena.

More recently, the series had its first crossover episode with its spin-off, The Originals, during which Stefan comes face-to-face with Klause for the first time since the Mikaelsons relocated to New Orleans.

Meanwhile, The Originals has also been picked up for another season along with Supernatural, The 100 and Jane the Virgin.

Barry Allen The Flash
Image: CW

In the DC world, Arrow, The Flash AND Legends of Tomorrow have also been renewed for more episodes.

The decision will take Oliver and his team of vigilantes into their fifth season *cheers*, while Barry Allen speeds into his third.

For the Legends, this will be their second season, which means more Wentworth Miller *fan girl screams*.

Which of the CW series is your favourite right now?

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