Game of Thrones fans were given a decent at the forthcoming sixth season with the release of the first full trailer.

The one minute and 40 second clip backed by a cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’, follows recent teasers, including first look pictures and the ‘Hall of Faces‘ clip.

Of course, fans (including us) lost their sh%t over the new one minute and 40 second clip, watching it 4.3 million times in less than 10 hours.

In addition to getting a glimpse an idea of what’s ahead, the trailer also gave viewers the chance to come up with their theories.

Like these seven theories we came up with for Game of Thrones season six based on the new trailer:


1. A resurrection is in the works

Jon Snow

If you were adamant that Jon Snow died in that last scene of season five, then we think you may have been right. But we also think he’s set to make a comeback thanks to the Red Witch.

The trailer shows her performing what appears to be some pretty powerful magic and we believe it could be linked to the revival of the Castle Black hottie. We also think a male witch may be recruited to help her – those are masculine hands over his forehead and chest in the picture above.


2. Davos and the Red Witch hook up

Red Witch

Calm down, we’re not expecting them to make out or anything like that.

But, you may have spotted Davos standing in the background while the sole reason the entire Baratheon family’s extinction, the Red Witch, cries with regret.

The next time we see Davos he’s pulling out Jon Snow’s sword and talking to the fallen hero’s lifeless body as though he’ll be fighting on his behalf.

Could he be protecting the Red Witch and Jon Snow’s corpse from those who would want to prevent her from resurrecting him?


3. Arya taps into her powers


It’s pretty obvious based on the events of the final episode of season five and the teaser image released last month that Arya will experience some sight issues in the coming episodes – in other words, we think she might be blind.

Her punishment for using the ‘faces’ without permission could be a blessing in disguise and may even allow her to tap into some inner powers just like her younger brother Bran.

She may even be able to connect with her sibling while he does his own soul searching in Weirwood – or perhaps she’ll link up with her absent direwolf, Nymeria.


4. The people will rebel the throne

Game of Thrones 2

They’ve had a mass murdering king, a sleazy king (who had bastards all over town), a psychotic child leader and now the people of Kings Landing are ready to erase their ‘whorish’ Queen out of existence.

It appears as though there’s going to be a rebellion in the royal town, but can any of the fighters pass the mighty Mountain?


5. Sansa is rich again


Well, doesn’t the almost-Queen and formerly severely abused Lady of Winterfell seem to be back on her feet again in a nice, warm looking fur coat?

Now we know Brienne of Tarth was on a mission to rescue Sansa and was pretty close to Winterfell, so perhaps she manages to find her and bring her to safety?

We can see Sansa’s escape buddy, Theon, being cornered and tortured by certain people in one shot and then in another shot Brienne is seen killing these torturers.

That or Sansa will bump into a familiar face like Little Finger who’ll take her back to The Vale.


6. Jaime and the Queen are at it again


Fighting isn’t the only thing on Queen Cersei’s mind, she’s looking kinkier than ever before after that ever-so-cleansing walk of shame.

Perhaps she’s ready to replace the sibling couple’s two deceased children with a newborn?


7. Bran will stand again


Is it in his subconscious or can he actually stand again?

We think it might be that during his absence Bran was doing more than just searching for the Three Eyed Crow.

We think he may have found a way to walk again because evidently that’s what he’s doing in the trailer.

Some may say that he’s just projecting in his dreams like he did during season four, however, those projections only enabled him to tap into other creatures, not himself.

Haven’t watch the trailer yet? Hit play below.

What are your predictions for the forthcoming season?


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