Killing in self defense isn’t quite the same as going on the attack and murdering your enemy in cold blood.

That’s the lesson learnt in the latest and most confronting episode of The Walking Dead this season.

It’s hard to find new ways to surprise viewers on a series that’s tackled cannibalism, unmedicated amputation and the termination of young undead girls.

But somehow writers managed to shock us and even cause us to cringe (a lot) when the Alexandrians stealthily raided the Saviors’ compound, killing people in their sleep.

Image: AMC

Their disturbing actions in ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ was amplified by the loss of innocence when Glenn, who has managed to keep his hands relatively clean over the last six seasons, takes not only his first and second life but sixth.

Not even the wall of souvenir pictures of past victims hanging over one of the Savior’s beds could ease the shock or justify the image (and sounds) of Glenn squeamishly and hesitantly driving a knife into a stranger’s unconscious skull.

It’s definitely one of the more darker episodes in the entire series and their actions are likely to haunt them, particularly Glenn and Heath’s characters (should they survive Negan’s wrath).

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.16.59 pm

On another note, how impressive was the team’s well-planned and almost successful operation.

They’ve definitely come a long way from their sloppy beginnings, with ninja-like speed allowing them to easily take control of an impressively advanced compound and its residents of killers.

Of course, the episode ended on a couple of large question marks – did Negan survive the raid? Who is the woman over the walkie talkie? Will the team safely rescue Carol and Maggie? Will anyone die at the hands of the Saviors?

Also, how will Morgan’s character affect upcoming episodes?

Featured Image: AMC

Who do you think will die in the compound?

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