Three cheers for Emily who seems to be the only ‘liar’ to have learned a thing or two over the past five years.

Lesson being: if you suspect someone, confront them immediately.

Emily puts the lesson into practice: bluntly asks Mona if she was the one at the phone booth on the night of Charlotte’s murder. When Mona attempted to push the question aside by saying “I can’t talk about it here”, Emily demanded she get into the car.

Go Emily!

Emily gif

While the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars was relatively tame in the drama department – minus a few old and new flames 😉 – it was definitely revealing, in that we now know one thing for certain about the person that tried to run Emily down last week.

It was a female.

Emily (again with her bold attempts at getting answers) used her detective skills to track down the SUV.

Parked and covered at a local repair shop, Emily asked a hostile female mechanic if she could recall the person that dropped off the vehicle. She was pretty much told to get lost. Emily then pulled out a picture of Melissa and showed it to the woman who said: “that’s not her”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.33.12 pm

So there we have it, the person in the car was definitely not Melissa BUT it was a woman.

Orrrr maybe that wad of cash the mechanic pulled out from under the car during that final scene was actually payment to convince Emily that it was a female behind the wheel?

I don’t know, very clueless as to who might have been driving that night. Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.19.09 pm

Oh another note, the reason for Spoby’s split was finally revealed and their break up (unlike Hanna and Caleb) seems pretty final.

An almost unwanted pregnancy made the pair realise that while they may love each other, they’re “not looking at the same [future] picture anymore”.


And finally, who else thinks Aria and Ezra may be on the reunion road? As much as I adore Aria’s new boo, Ezra was pretty adorable this episode.

So, who do you think tried to run Emily down?

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