“Sara Harvey wants this solved and they want to cover it up.”

That’s what Emily seems to think about the new baddie (or baddies) on Pretty Little Liars¬†– but maybe¬†they weren’t trying to hide the evidence related to Charlotte’s murder but rather get her prints on it?

Remember how the old A loved to set the girls up for various crimes? Charlotte and Mona were always finding ways to make them look guilty and essentially prevent them from approaching the cops with the truth.

Maybe something similar is happening again.


Perhaps, the car (with a really bizarre sounding engine or muffler – not a car person) was waiting for Emily and purposely scared her up the ladder so she would touch the murder weapon?

Once she had it, they were then willing to do anything to get it back because her fingerprints were now firmly where he or she (or both) needed them to be?

We know the current stalkers (Emily did say there were definitely two) aren’t the same as the old A, but is it possible he or she (or both) is using the same techniques to bring the girls down or keep them quiet?

For example, the current stalkers are using text messages to contact the Liars – just as Mona and Charlotte did.

He or she is constantly around – just like Mona and Charlotte.

He or she has a disguise – although it’s much more sophisticated than the black hoodies and red jacket.

And he or she is playing with their lives by messing with their parents – remember when Hanna’s mum stole that money from a safety box and then A took it? Similar thing happened tonight with Spencer’s mum except it was to make Veronica look petty by leaking information on her opponent’s daughter.


So isn’t it possible that in this case the antagonist has adopted Mona and Charlotte’s love of framing the girls? But instead of making Spencer look like the guilty party it’s Emily?

Just a theory – could be wrong.

Let’s quickly talk about how Emily thinks hotel cupboards are sound proof. It was clear the maid wasn’t a real maid because a hotel employee would have heard two female voices coming from the walk-in wardrobe.

*Face palms*


Oh and how about Pretty Little Liars trying to convince us that Hanna is ready to marry Jordan… uhhhh no!

Do you think the new stalker was trying to set up or kill Emily in the latest episode?

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